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Pricing is simple and transparent. Pay based on number of tests rather than number of teammates or repositories.

$150 /mo

per 5,000 tests

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  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited commits
  • Unlimited repositories
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  • 3 months data retention

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Additional Features

  • API access
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  • Reduced pricing

Pricing FAQ

Why does signing up try to send you an email?

Currently, we're doing concierge onboarding and will work with you to schedule a kickoff within three (3) business days.

What counts as a test?

A test is a single example in a test suite. Test suites often report how many tests they ran; this is the number we count.

How do you determine how many tests we're running?

We sum the count of tests on a per-branch and git SHA basis.

As an example, imagine a team has:

  1. Three parallelized suites totaling 5400 tests (roughly 1800 tests each)
  2. One suite of flaky tests totaling 150 tests
  3. One suite of quarantined tests totaling 450 tests

Pastry would count 5400 tests for the parallelized suites, 150 tests for the flaky suite, and 450 tests for the quarantined suite, totaling 6000 tests.

Where can I view how many tests I have?

You can find the average number of tests run on your usage page, broken down by month.